Animated cat chases mouse cursor across the desktop (kids love it.) [C++]


Essential Shell Extension, the piece of software I’ve written that I use most often by far.  Adds “Copy File Names”, “Open with Notepad” and “Console Here” to Explorer’s context menu. [C++]

A console app that allows an admin to take ownership of files, as specified by wildcard pattern.  Removes all ACEs from the files, makes the current user the owner, and grants full control to Everyone.  Recurses sub-directories (unless no recursion command line parameter is passed.)  Very fast -- at least 20x faster than Explorer’s security UI!  Highly useful if you have a tree of files that you need to blow the security off of.  Warning: Use At Your Own Risk!  [C++]


Top-most Control, allow user to set any window to the topmost z-order (displays on top of non-topmost windows, regardless of focus.) [C++]


A stop-watch applet with a topmost option. [C++]


Account Sync, allow user to synchronize accounts/passwords across multiple machines in a non-domain environment. [C++]

Twisted little game, unsophisticated graphics, same cat as in CatMouse, but this time there’s a bunch of them, all penned up in a window, trying to run (at varying speeds) from one side to the other without getting shot.  If you hit the back side of a cat, it makes it lame, forcing to limp as it continues its run.  Faster cats are worth more points; points are taken off for wasting ammo, and for each cat that makes it across safely; bonus points are awarded for killing them all.  (Good for maybe 5-10 minutes of low-grade fun, if you don’t like cats.  At the source code level, it’s a reasonably interesting example of multi-threaded animation/drawing.